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      SHACMAN SHOWCASE was Held in Jamaica

      Date:2020-03-10 Author:Linda Source:SHACMAN

      Recently,"SHACMAN SHOWCASE" organized by SHCMAN Jamaica dealer was held in Montego Bay, a famous tourist city in the north of Jamaica. As a leading brand of Chinese heavy truck in Jamaica, SHACMAN and its partner, JN Bank, provide customers with a package of one-stop loan services from the on-site vehicle purchase to financial loan service. A total of 9 main models including the F3000 and L3000 and the X3000 star models were exhibited, and a series of test drive activities were held at the scene.

      SHACMAN SHOWCASE was Held in Jamaica
      SHACMAN Showcases in Jamaica

      Located 85 miles northwest of Kingston, Montego Bay is the capital of of Saint James and the second largest city in Jamaica. Montego Bay is a well-known modern tourist resort in Jamaica, andit is also an important business center and port of Jamaica.

      SHACMAN SHOWCASE was Held in Jamaica

      The exhibition models mainlyin clude F3000 mining dump truck, lightweight tractor, and L3000 lorry truck. Remarkably, a F3000 wrecker was exhibited, due to the narrow roads and fast speed driving in Jamaica, traffic accidents often occur, which lead to traffic jams. However, F3000 wrecker can quickly clear the obstacles and restore traffic order.

      SHACMAN SHOWCASE was Held in Jamaica

      As an appeal in Jamaican, SHACMAN X3000 natural gas tractor has attracted much attention in this activity. As the earliest company to layout natural gas products in the domestic heavy truck in industry, SHACMAN has applied many technical innovations to X3000 natural gas tractor through years of technological innovation and the research of market demand, effectively solved the constraints such as inadequate supporting facilities for natural gas heavy truck. The advantages of long driving distance, balanced power, excellent energy saving, and the features of comfort and intelligent for X3000 further sharpened the competitiveness of this natural gas heavy truck.

      SHACMAN SHOWCASE was Held in Jamaica

      During the activity, SHACMAN Jamaica dealers prepared truck style demonstrations and test drive for customers and drivers, the style of user-friendly, caring present a spectacular sight in this passionate activity ,which annotated the truck culture with SHACMAN style for customers.

      SHACMAN SHOWCASE was Held in Jamaica

      In addition,SHACMAN has been adhering to the principle of "two concerns", and providing customers with safer, more comfortable and more reliable products. Therefore, SHACMAN has established a complete sales service network in Jamaica, with more than 30 service technicians, nearly millions of dollars in spareparts reserves, and up to three spare parts warehouses, laying a solid foundation for ensuring high attendance rate of vehicles. It also allows users to maintain their vehicles more worry-free and save money, and strives to give users the most sincere care during the process of vehicle operation.

      SHACMAN SHOWCASE was Held in Jamaica

      Since the beginning of Jamaica heavy truck revolution in 2018, SHACMAN has played an irreplaceablerole in mining, transportation and urban construction of Jamaica. SHACMAN will also be grateful and make unremitting efforts to fully promote the SHACMAN truck culture into the hearts of the Jamaican and enhance the direct dialogue and emotional communication between enterprises and users.

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