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      JAC Completes Delivery of 2300 Units Gallop K7 Trucks to ZTO Express

      Date:2020-06-18 Author:Daisy Source:www.261190.com

      Recentlly, JAC officially delivered the last batch of its Gallop K7 express vehicles to ZTO. According to JAC, the total contract volume for this order is 2300 units. As this year’s 6.18 Mid-Year Shopping Festival comes, these trucks will support ZTO in delivering many products ordered online and boost the development of China’s E-commerce industry.


      A customized Gallop K7 version for ZTO Express comes with a Cummins ISGe5-460 engine that produces 460 hp with a maximum torque of 2,300 Nm. The oil change cycle reaches up to 100,000 kilometers, which extends the maintenance interval and improve the efficiency, resulting in massive savings in maintenance costs.

      As for transmission, the truck is equipped with a ZF 12-speed AMT automatic transmission to match up with Cummins engine. Gallop K7 has been developed in response to the increased demand for efficiency in express logistics industry by offering a robust power output, high transmission efficiency and high driving speed.

      Furthermore, the automatic transmission model provides a more comfort driving experience, which can alleviate the driver's fatigue effectively. With a 2.714 speed-ratio rear axle special for K7 and 295/80 Michelin tires with low rolling resistance, it reduces the engine's fuel consumption while maximizing the travelling speed. In addition, 800L+400L aluminum alloy dual-chamber fuel tank is offered, of which 400L fuel tank can be used to fill Diesel oil No.-35 in winter, and 800L fuel tank can be filled with Diesel oil No.0 throughout the year.

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