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      BAIC & BAIC Foton Donate Negative Pressure Ambulances to Myanmar

      Date:2020-07-20 Author:Mark Source:www.261190.com

      On July 16, a ceremony was held at Yangon Medical Research Center in Myanmar to mark the handover of two units negative pressure ambulances donated by BAIC & BAIC Foton to Myanmar Health & Sports Ministry. On May 12 this year, Chinese medical team successfully completed their task in Myanmar, helping the country fight against COVID-19.

      Saw Than Tun, Director of Medical Research Department of Myanmar Health & Sports Ministry, Tan Shufu, the Commercial Counsellor of China’s Embassy to Myanmar, together with a number of distinguished guests, witnessed the historical moment. “At the most critical moment in our country, many Chinese companies have extended their helping hand to us and Chinese medical team has also helped us enormously. BAIC & BAIC Foton’s donations will be put into service at Yangon Medical Research Center. Here on behalf of Myanmar Health & Sports Ministry, I extend my half-felt thanks to BAIC & BAIC Foton for their help and support”, said Mr. Saw.

      Since officially entering Myanmar in 2010, Foton has sold over 37,000 units commercial vehicles (engineering vehicles, vans, light trucks, mini-trucks, etc.) to the country, making tremendous contributions to the nation’s engineering construction and transportation industry. For the past four years, Foton has been holding the highest market share in Myanmar with its annual sales volume reaching 5,700 units at most. In 2017, Foton delivered 1,000 units city buses to Yangon, providing greener and more convenient transportation services for local citizens.

      So far, BAIC and BAIC Foton have jointly donated negative pressure ambulances to Philippines, Ecuador, Myanmar and Uzbekistan, etc.

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