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      Foton IBLUE Truck Takes Only Three Minutes to Complete Battery Swapping

      Date:2020-08-19 Author:Daisy Source:www.261190.com

      Electric heavy haulers may not have the kind of power to get to where you need to go if you’re hauling some heavy weight. If this happens, you’ll need to stop and charge the battery frequently in a day, which will cause a drop in transport effiency. To this end, we are having the biggest concerns in using electric heavy-duty trucks like lack of infrastructure, slow charging and short driving range.

      Against this background, Foton takes the lead in the industry to unveil its IBLUE truck with swapping battery, AUMAN EST 6*4 semi-trailer and make it commercialized for the first time. The AUMAN EST 6*4 semi-trailer with swapping battery allows a gross weight of 49 tonnes with full load. It only takes 3-5 minutes to complete the battery swapping and can travel 200km on per single full charge. The truck will be powered by lithium iron phosphate battery with a pack capacity of 281.91Kw.h and 160.26Wh/kg battery energy density. A peak torque of 2100N.m and power of 360kw can be generated at a rotating speed of 3400 RPM.

      It is the first time for Foton to adopt the advanced technolgy to address the charging concerns by seperating the battery from the vehicle. On favorable conditions, the electricity consumption can be even 1.2kWh or less, the cost of which is less by 60 Yuan/100km than traditional fuel trucks.

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