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      Dongfeng Philippines Hands Over 4 Dongfeng Dump Trucks to Its Customer

      Date:2020-09-11 Author:Linda Source:yahoo

      The local arm of Dongfeng Motor has recently handed over four units of its 10-Wheeler Dump Truck model to a construction company based in Tacloban, Leyte.

      Pilipinas Autogroup, Inc. (PilipinasAuto) the official distributor of Dongfeng Motor in the country through its authorized dealer Dongfeng Elite Tacloban, turned over the Dongfeng K23W 10-Wheeler Dump Truck units to One Myrna Construction.

      The said addition to the construction firm’s heavy duty line-up is set to boost the company’s productivity particularly in its projects within the Eastern Visayas region.

      PilipinasAuto Vice President and General Manager Art Balmadrid, was positive on the targeted rebound of the economy following the pandemic that has struck the whole world.

      “We all know that the pandemic has a backward impact on a global scale but we are confident that the Philippine economy is showing signs of recovery. This can be seen by significant capital investments by key sectors such as the construction business.”

      Powering the Dongfeng K23W 10-Wheeler Dump Truck is a Euro-5 compliant, 11-liter, six-cylinder Renault common rail diesel engine mated to a 12-speed direct drive transmission that can churn out 385 horsepower and 18,000 Nm of pulling power. This mighty powerhouse has a 22 cubic-meter capacity.

      Further, the Warranty coverage being offered by PilipinasAuto on this type of vehicle is 1-year or 100,000 kilometers, whichever comes first.

      PilipinasAuto was established in 2014 and begun as the official distributor of Tata vehicles in the country and just this year, they have added Dongfeng to their commercial vehicle offerings.

      With a 12-dealership strong network around the country, PilipinasAuto also offers Super Ace Mint, and modern PUV 1 under the Tata Brand. Under the Dongfeng brand are the Captain E, N, D9 trucks, cargo trucks, tractor heads, cement mixer, and dump trucks, mini bus, modern PUV 2 and modern PUV 3.

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