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    1. new year. new truck. new attraction

      Reading Guide

      China truck has been keeping the increasing trend of 2009 in the first quarter of 2010, and the sales volume has got 540,501.China truck has promoted the latest top products to meet the growing demands of market.
      In light truck area, Foton Aoling CTX equipped with Cummins ISF(3.8L) engine has represented the latest technology. In heavy truck industry, FAW pushed Jiefang J6 series matched with Aowei6DM(11L) engine.FAW also promoted expanded body dumper for mining matched with Allison transmission.
      Chinatrucks website is to summarize the new vehicles listed on market in first quarter in 2010, so that the customers could review the latest products by it.
       >> Attraction Introductio

      Aoling CTX-Cummins ISF engine

      Aoling CTX-Cummins ISF engine


      Cummins has adopted the latest turbine pressure system.Parts and components are 30% less than the counterparts. Comprehensive fuel consumption has been decreased 8%. It has broken through the technology obstaclesand and enabled Aoling CTX stand for the top product of light truck.

      Value and meaning:

      *It has improved the core competition of Aoling CTX
      *Enables top light truck make great progress
      *It is fuel prudent and resources saving
      *It has represented the latest technology in Cummins engine series

      Jiefang J6-AoweiCA6DM(11L) engine

      Jiefang J6-AoweiCA6DM(11L) engine


      The minimum fuel consumption is less than190g/kW·h, and emission meets NationalⅢ standard.The Lifetime of B10 is 1 million square meters.BOSCH electronic control pressure common-rail system has been adopted, which makes sure the power performance.

      Value and meaning:

      *It is the self developed 11L engine by FAW
      *It has broken the monopoly of JV enterprise in 11L engine field.
      *Bridges the gap with overseas market
      *Enables Jiefang be the representative enterprise in heavy truck.

      FAW Dumper-Allison Transmission

      Allison Transmission


      There is no clutch treadle, and engine wrench is continious transmitting. No interruption for the transmission power. Impact to the transmission system has been decreased, and range and water volume have been increased because of the larger pump.

      Value and meaning:

      *Realize power shift and continious driving system power
      *Impact to transmission system has been reduced
      *It has increased transportation rate of individual vehicle for mining and climbing
      *Sales volume has been increased

       >> Parameter Reference

      Cummins ISF engine

      System: Turbine pressure system
      Maximum wrench: 600N*m
      Rise power: 33kw/L
      Integarited fuel consumption:
      Decreseased 8%
      The rise power is 1.5 times of the counterparts
      Design type:Modual design

      Aowei 6DM(11L)engine

      Displacement: 11(L)
      Rated power:370/272(Ps/kw)
      Rated rotation speed:1900(r/min)
      Maximum wrench: 1700(N.m) Emission standard: National Ⅲ
      Minimum fuel consumption of full load:≤193(g/kw.h)
      Noise within 1 meter: ≤95dB(A)

      Allison 4500P transmission

      0—80km/h acceleration time: 32 seconds 50—80km/h acceleration time: 17s
      Retarder type: Hydraulic retarder
      Systemtype:Continious driving system power
      Power type: Power shift
      Maximum rotation speed of wrench: 1100-1400(r/min)
      Much larger pump has been equipped

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